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Stimulus plan to pay people to complain

The Obama administration announced a new wave of stimulus spending that will pay Americans to do what they do best in these trying times: complain. “Americans of all backgrounds, black, white, rich, poor, Republican and Democrat, love to complain about … Continue reading

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Birth certificate shows Obama born in U.S. … 34 years ago

The release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate is expected to put to rest – for most people – any doubt that the president was born in the United States.  But the document is causing a new controversy by showing … Continue reading

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Obama lays out war doctrine

President Obama’s prime time address Monday night did more than justify the current conflict in Libya.  The president also used the opportunity to lay out a global humanitarian mission for America’s armed forces. While avoiding use of the term ‘war’, … Continue reading

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America wages non-war on Libya

U.S. forces continued to launch tomahawk cruise missiles into Libya Monday while officials in Washington insisted the campaign is not actually war.  During a news conference in Brazil, where he was getting a new coat of gold for his 2009 … Continue reading

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Group alleges racism in weather

A civil rights group is accusing the earth’s weather system of racism.  The Coalition for Fairness and Equal Rights says that harmful weather patterns invariably affect racial and ethnic minorities. “In the interest of equality and justice,” says CFER president … Continue reading

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Lawsuit: Obama promises contain more filler than fact

A class-action lawsuit against President Obama claims his administration’s promises to fix the economy, lower health care costs, and generally not be terrible contain only about 36% of any sort of factual basis. President Obama, who was served with the … Continue reading

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Obama: ‘Move together? Not at all’

In his first State of the Union address since the dawn of the newly divided government, President Obama called on both parties to help prevent him from accomplishing anything significant for the next two years. Delivering a series of proposals … Continue reading

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Community service program begins

Americans will be expected to contribute 50 hours of volunteer work per year under a community service program that begins today. The National American Service Initiative is designed to engage Americans in their local communities through service projects focusing on … Continue reading

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Feds beg Congress for another hit

As the national debt spirals above $14 trillion, the federal government is begging Congress for just one more hit by extending the national debt ceiling. Smoking a rolled up $100 bill and sticking some $20s into his veins, White House … Continue reading

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Obama reads book to, debates with 2nd graders

Taking a break from the Oval Office, President Obama visited Long Branch Elementary School Friday to read to a group of second graders.  During the reading, Obama launched into a 40-minute debate over socio-economic issues that ended when one child … Continue reading

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