About Us

In a perfect world, we would see headlines informing us that our Constitution is being observed and respected in Washington; that the federal government is extremely limited; that our individual liberties are being preserved; that the obscene levels of federal spending and borrowing have been eliminated; that bureaucracy’s cancerous growth has ceased; and that political correctness is nothing more than a sad, bizarre chapter in our past.

In the leftists’ perfect world, these are the headlines we would see.

Headlines from Utopia is a satirical “news” site designed to entertain conservative and libertarian readers by poking fun at (big) government, liberalism, and political correctness.  If you can imagine a world run by liberals, statists, and progressives of all stripes, these are the stories you might read about.

What began as an idea for a book in 2003 quickly developed into a series of fake news articles satirizing the major headlines and personalities of the day.  Our articles are topical and up-to-date, and we encourage readers to submit stories and ideas for our writers to use in new material.  If you have a suggestion for a story or would like to contact us, please email editor@headlinesfromutopia.com.  For more information about our site, please see our disclaimer and terms of use.

We hope you enjoy reading Headlines from Utopia!