Coming soon…..Love Train!

Dear Headliners,

Thank you for your patronage in reading my site over the past year.  I have several thousand hits and appreciate your links and comments.  And I’ve enjoyed writing the “articles” and find it hilarious that apparently some folks think these stories are real!

You might be wondering where I’ve been the last couple of months.  I’ve actually been working on a side writing project, a novella I devised over the spring and summer which I’ve finally put down on “paper.”  The title of the book is Love Train, and it’s a satire of the action/romance genre.  What follows is a brief description:

When he boarded the 10:45 train, Vic Steelbrass had just one mission: learn PowerPoint by the time he reached New York.  But when Anastasia Romanov walked into his life, fate handed him a different mission.  Suddenly, he has to seduce a beautiful Russian, foil a madman’s bomb plot, AND learn PowerPoint.  With countless – or at least more than a few – lives on the line, Steelbrass must prove love is worth believing in…and kill a whole lot of bad guys in the process.  He woke that morning as just your average, ex-millionaire, alligator-wrestling, skydiving businessman.  But his life would be forever changed when he bought a ticket on…the LOVE TRAIN!

Love Train is complete but I am not yet done with the editing.  I expect to have it uploaded as an e-book on Amazon Kindle by the end of the month, and I will surely update you all when I reach that point.  Thanks again for reading and stay tuned!


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