Casey Anthony parks SUV on man, gets parking ticket

Anthony had another run-in with the law Tuesday.

Casey Anthony surfaced in Boston Tuesday after parking her sport utility vehicle on top of a man, nearly killing him.  Police responded by giving Anthony a parking ticket.  The captain of the Boston Police Department issued a stern response to the woman acquitted for the death of her daughter.

“We take this very seriously; don’t come to our town and park on someone and not expect to get a parking ticket,” said Captain Rod Manning.

Anthony, who had gone into hiding since being released from jail following her July 5th acquittal, had not been seen until Tuesday.  She was apparently in Boston on vacation.

According to the police report, Justin Davis was tying his shoe in a parking spot when Anthony parked her vehicle on top of him.  Witnesses said Anthony had a clear line of sight as she was parking and that they couldn’t understand how she could not have seen Davis.

Police declined to press charges beyond the parking ticket, citing insufficient evidence.  Many residents complained that Anthony was once again being let off for an obvious crime.

“How can you not notice a guy kneeling down in a parking spot?” said Joan Armstrong, 34, of Boston, who witnessed the incident.

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