‘No guns’ sign credited with stopping would-be armed robber

Police say this sign kept Brandt from robbing a Subway restaurant.

Police in Madison, Wisc., are crediting a sign that prohibits guns with keeping a career criminal from robbing a Subway restaurant.

Robert Brandt, who has been twice convicted for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, told officers he had planned to rob the restaurant Sunday night as it was closing.  Upon approaching the store, however, he noticed a sign in the window that read, “No Guns Allowed.”

“He told us that he had decided to rob the place, but noticed the sign and realized guns were not allowed there,” said Officer Mick Smuggs.  “So he turned himself in.”

Gun control advocates are hailing the news as proof that prohibiting guns can reduce crime.

“Radical pro-gun extremists have said for years that criminals who have broken so many other laws will just break gun laws as well.  This line has been proven false,” said Linda Harcove of Wisconsins Against Gun Violence.

In a statement, Brandt’s attorney explained why his client decided to turn himself in.

“Mr. Brandt had made a career out of breaking so many other laws in his life, but when he saw this placard at the Subway restaurant saying guns were not allowed, he changed course and decided to abandon his criminal past,” said Kevin Abbot.

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