Group: both teams should win Super Bowl

Was it fair for just one team to win?

A new organization calling itself American Sports Equality has cried foul over the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl XLV win.  And not because they think the Pittsburgh Steelers should have won instead.

Rather, the group argues, both teams should have won.

“American sports have been about competitive violence for far too long, pitting one team against the other,” said ASE president Sally Wynan in a press release.  “It stirs up pseudo-nationalistic rivalries, anger and violence, when sports should really be about having fun and getting exercise.”

Wynan is calling on the Packers to share their championship trophy with the Steelers “in an act of good will and mutual enjoyment of both teams’ exciting winning seasons.”  Calling it an issue of basic fairness, she further contends that all future games should end in a tie and that all players should get equal time on the field.

“Is it really right to have one team win and the other lose?  Is that what sports, and to a greater extent America, is really all about?” she asked.

A fierce champion of Title IX and other efforts at gender equality in sports, ASE has gone further in demanding “an end to all barriers of inequality in sports.”  Part of that mission includes allowing women to coach and play in the NFL, and to have male cheerleaders join the currently all-female squads.

“When you watch a football game, it’s like looking at a segregated cafeteria from the 1950s,” Wynan said.  “Only instead of race we have gender being used to divide people.”

Additionally, ASE has campaigned for the league to abolish its annual collegiate draft and admit less talented players.

“Sports should be about exercise and activity, not winners, losers, and most valuable players,” Wynan contends.

She further argues that not allowing overweight or untalented athletes into the NFL may discourage them from exercise or harm their self-esteem, resulting in obesity, depression, and even suicide.  The league, she said, has a social obligation to therefore level the playing field so that all athletes can share equally in the benefits of sports.

The Packers have announced they have no plans to share the championship trophy or rings with the Steelers.  Following ASE’s press release, the group’s Cleveland headquarters was vandalized several times.

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