Lawsuit: Obama promises contain more filler than fact

Obama rushed from this Taco Bell restaurant, where he was served with the suit, back to the White House to respond.

A class-action lawsuit against President Obama claims his administration’s promises to fix the economy, lower health care costs, and generally not be terrible contain only about 36% of any sort of factual basis.

President Obama, who was served with the court papers while dining at a Washington, D.C.-area Taco Bell, rebuffed the suit.  In an official statement, the president contended his promises are comprised of 88% fact, plus “optimistic slogans, empty rhetoric, water, and factoids.”

The lawsuit was filed following the president’s January 25 State of the Union address, during which Obama promised, among other things, that his health care overhaul would reduce the deficit.  The president also promised he’s really concerned about job creation this year.

News of the suit has spread rapidly across social media outlets.  Numerous Facebook groups have pledged support for the complaint.  On the other hand, one group, “OBAMA YOU STILL HAVE MY SUPPORT,” claims that the promises and inspiring rhetoric are the only economically sound ways to bring back jobs.

The suit claims that all of the president’s promises to date have been fact-checked and that only 36% of them are firmly rooted in reality.  Among the more realistic promises were Obama’s pledge last week to pay back five dollars to Vice President Obama for a Starbucks frappucino.

The other 74% of Obama’s assurances, the complaint alleges, are “basically crap and delusional crap.”

The suit could not have come at a worse time for the president, who is dealing with an outbreak of protest and turmoil in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East.  Obama’s promises to swiftly deal with the situation are, in many eyes, falling apart and reiterating the claims made by the lawsuit.

In a statement, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak expressed doubt over one particular Obama guarantee: the promise of another “beer summit” to quell the chaos.  Obama, meanwhile, has maintained that the beer summit will still take place.

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