Clinton briefly seizes presidency

Former, current, and again former President Clinton at the White House Friday, as deposed-turned-restored President Obama looks on.

Bill Clinton briefly seized the presidency Friday before being persuaded by then-deposed President Obama that he was competent to run the country.  During Clinton’s quick and unexpected third term, which lasted about half an hour, he defended his predecessor Obama’s tax deal with the Republicans, answered questions from the press, and signed several pieces of major legislation.

“It’s me!” Clinton shouted as he unexpectedly emerged into the press room, arms extended.  As the press corps looked on, confused, the twice former president explained that Obama was not getting the job done and that he needed to step in.

“Something had to be done to shore up electoral confidence for the Democratic Party,” Clinton explained.  “And since we already tried that with a peaceful midterm election just a few weeks ago, I thought a bloodless coup was the next logical step.”

During his 30 minutes in office, Clinton elaborated on the Obama-GOP tax compromise and explained, “It’s a good plan, not a perfect plan, and I look forward to signing it into law.”  He reminisced with the press about his first and second terms, remarking, “It’s just like old times again.”

At one point during the press conference, Clinton signed a nuclear arms reduction treaty and new stimulus legislation.  He also issued several executive orders and pardons before then-former President Obama entered the room and conferred with Clinton.

Apparently, Obama convinced Clinton that he could handle being president and would like the office back.  Clinton then handed the reigns of power back, explaining, “I should step down before I make Barack look like a poor leader.”

Before leaving, Clinton was asked why he only wanted to be president again for such a short time, and whether he had any other comments.  The former-current-former president turned serious, raised his index finger, and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky,” plunging the press corps into laughter.

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